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Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Some Sugar Holiday Gift Set & Mini Travel Kit  Review

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Some Sugar Holiday Gift Set & Mini Travel Kit Review

Benefit Cosmetics released their “Gimme Some Sugar” limited edition holiday gift set last year which included a Hoola bronzer, Porefessional, Roller Lash Mascara, and a High Beam highlighter.

Although this product is no longer available, they still offer similar “cake-tins” such as the Goodie Goodie Gorgeous and the Confection Cuties gift sets! Even better, they are both currently on sale on their website! Everything I received was full-size and if you are considering buying these producs individually at retail, buying the gift kit is a lot more affordable in the long run!

While the “Gimme Some Sugar” gift set alone is not available (although you can buy from 3rd-party sellers, but be warned of scams), many of the products found in the gift set are still for sale individually. When I bought mine at Ulta, they also had a promo for a mini travel set, which I will also be reviewing in this post.

Starting off with the Hoola Bronzer (retail $30)

I really enjoy this product. I’m actually not a bronzer type of girl, but what impressed me the most was how dense the color and how matte (but not drying!) the product is. Although small, this bronzer goes a loonnng way and you don’t need a bunch, so I definitely think it’s worth it.

It goes on well and looks great on my tanned skin. I would rate it a 9/10.

I’m shy of giving it a 10/10 just because the brush that comes with it feels cheap and feels a bit bristly, so I would recommend using a different brush if you’re picky about that. However if you are on the go, and need a brush, it fits perfectly into the compact which is very convenient.

Next up is the Roller Lash Curling Mascara which retails at $25.

I will start by saying I am VERY picky with my mascaras. I can’t stand anything too sticky or clumpy, but this product is PERFECT. It is my go-to mascara when I don’t feel like putting on falsies. It doesn’t run down for me and it doesn’t stick to my bottom lash. None of that. If you’re looking for a mascara that is light and airy, but still gives that “oopmf,” say no more. This is it. This is the one. This is currently my holy grail mascara and I will be purchasing another once I run out.

I rate this a 10/10.

Now, I’ve heard so many reviews on the POREfessional face primer which retails at $32.

I never really got into it before because I thought it was all hype. Usually, being the Aquarius that I am, I like finding my own products anyway and I tend to stray away from using the most “popular” or “tending” items simply because it can be all talk.

However, when I tried this face primer for the first time, I was amazed by the consistency and how thick the product is. Many of the face primers I’ve used before would go on too thin and would feel too wet/take too long to dry or would go on well, but then would feel powdery after it dries.

This product goes on thick and really does the job in covering my pores. It sets instantly; there’s no waiting time and you get what you see. It doesn’t change over the day. I love that covers so well, but I don’t feel like it’s heavy on my face.

However, it does go on thick and I personally prefer lighter products on my skin, so I only use this around my nose and the area between my nose and cheekbones, pretty much the areas where my pores are most prominent. It isn’t necessary for me to put it everywhere on my face because I don’t have big pores and like I said, I prefer to have lighter products, so this is perfect for that.

I rate this a 9/10 mostly because of its size and price for something where you need a lot of face area coverage for.

Lastly, the High Beam Liquid Highlighter which retails at $26.

I was initially not very interested in trying this because the color was too light for my skin tone, however upon application it looked good on my face and did not look too light pink on my skin. It is liquid and there’s so much of it that you won’t run out any time soon, especially if you’re only applying a bit to your cheekbones, eyebrow bones, nose, and top lip.

For the price that it is and the size that it comes in, it’s a pretty good deal. But I personally wouldn’t get this again because it is a liquid and I prefer powder or creme highlighters. It is also not as blend-able as I would like it to be and it can be easy for it to go to other places on your face if you put too much on. You only need a little bit because it does go a long way.

In addition to that, it can be a risk to get if your skin tone is tanner than fair. I got lucky because it seemed to matched with my skin well, but over my foundation, I can definitely see how it can be a bit much. I would only use this during the Winter or Fall seasons when my skin is not as tan.

My rating is 8/10.


Bonus: Benefit Travel Kit Promotion from Ulta (with Benefit Cosmetics Purchase)

Since I already reviewed the POREfessional face primer and High Beam Liquid Highlighter, I will go ahead and do my review of the BADgal Bang! Mascara in the travel size. I will point out that everything I got in this bag was super tiny. I’m not sure if all the travel size items were that small, but I would double check in person if you’re interested in purchasing something travel-sized from them.

Anyway, to be honest, I’m not that impressed with this mascara. It’s funny because a while back, I was having trouble choosing between the BADgal Bang! mascara and their Rolling Lash Curling mascara. I’m glad I got both to get a feel for how they are.

They are totally different lashes that serve different effects. The BADgal Bang mascara gives off that extra fuller, volumized look, which in photos are perfect, but I can’t stand having it on all day. It can be heavy and I like to put mascara on my bottom lashes, so there’s a tendency for it to stick together and it even feels sticky on my lashes throughout the day like it just doesn’t fully dry???

I would use this product until it is done because I do love the effect it gives in photos, but I would not purchase again and just stick to my Rolling Lash Curling Mascara.

I rate this a 7/10.

Now, on to the travel bag itself! I couldn’t find this exact one on their website, but they do have a lot of travel-sized products and merch, so be sure to check that out.

I love it. It’s straight to the point, the artwork makes it very obvious that its the Benefit brand without looking too cliche or tacky. It’s perfect to take anywhere and to also put other small items like chapstick, tampons, mini-lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. The material itself can feel a bit cheap, but it is still sturdy and is still lasting even after a couple months of using it daily. I would refrain from putting anything bulky in here because the bag goes on flat and bulky things might ruin the zipper if you force it.

I also don’t like lugging big bags and I would avoid it at all costs if I could. So this little travel bag is the perfect size because it still fits into many of the small purses I like to use without any problems.

I rate this a 9/10.

Thanks for reading my first makeup review! I hope to do another review soon. Remember to like this post if you like it and share your thoughts in the comments! As always, your privacy is respected and will never be shared.



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