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Review on Sony Alpha 7 (A7)

Review on Sony Alpha 7 (A7)

I wanted to take a few months of getting comfortable with the Sony A7 before writing my review on it and I’m glad I did. I’ll get straight to the point by listing the best takeaways.

The Good

It’s Lightweight and Small

I can take this camera virtually anywhere all day. My biggest issue with my previous camera (Canon t3) was how annoying it got to carry it around my neck all day and feeling sore at the neck after a few hours. Like most DSLRs, they’re heavy and huge. However, with my Sony a7, that’s not the case. I can have it on me for hours on end and not feel annoyed or distracted by it. It is also much smaller than other DSLRs and is very convenient when you need to store it in a small bag when you aren’t using it. I also travelled last Summer with my a7 and the difference was huge. I didn’t have to worry about my bag and my camera getting stolen because I had them both in one place instead of two bags. This is great for me because I love wearing certain purses that match my outfit and I don’t always have camera bags that match. To protect my camera, I simply placed a camera organizer in my bag and it worked wonders. Here’s the one I bought. It comes with other pockets and it’s waterproof too!

Video Quality is Awesome

For what it is, the video quality on this bad boy is superb. I will disclaim that I am not super into video (yet), but with the footage I got, I was able to seamlessly record and create small clips with no problems. Even when the lighting isn’t so great, it still outshines my Canon t3 by far.

Easy to Use.

If you’re familiar with camera functionality, switching to this from a DSLR is not a big jump. While it took a bit of experimenting to get used to the different buttons, I learned quickly and found it easier to use. It also allows you to customize certain buttons.

Remote Control through Phone

One of the best features the Sony a7 has that outweighs the Canon t3 is how it’s wifi-compatible feature allows you to take photos from your phone. Once you connect your phone through the camera, you can set your camera on a tripod and take your photo directly. No timer needed! This was a big help for the self-portraits I created during the Halloween season.

LED Screen Pops Out

The screen at the back of the camera pops out whenever you need it. This was helpful for me on bright sunny days when I needed to see the screen, but kept coming across a glare with the position I was in. Although the viewfinder is always there, this is great feature for those who prefer to shoot through the screen instead.

The Bad

Battery Life Sucks

You’re going to need at least 2 more battery packs if you plan on using your camera all day. I recommend changing certain settings so you can save battery life because it runs out quick. For a half day of shooting, I already go through 2 batteries, but it all depends. I mostly do portrait work, so I have opportunities to let my batteries recharge if needed while I’m using one and then switching off once it’s done and vice versa. However, if you’re doing event or sport photography and constantly need to be taking photos, well… Good Luck Charlie. Make sure you stock up on batteries now.

I bought a battery two-pack that came with a charger here on amazon. I recommend this brand because it gave me that and hasn’t let me down since.

Need an Adapter for Non-compatible Lenses

While this is relevant for any camera, I wanted to put this down here because the Sony body is not universal to all lenses. I needed to buy an adapter to use my Canon 85mm on my Sony. There are a lot of options on Amazon and Ebay. I just bought a cheap one, which isn’t the best, but it does the job. I’ll write a review on that adapter later.

It can get expensive

While there are not as many advanced mirrorless options in the market compared to DSLRs of similar prices, it can feel like a risk investing in a pricy mirrorless when there are so many DSLRs to choose from.

Slow Shutter

While it isn’t exactly the shutter that’s slow, it takes some time for the camera to go back to photo live mode after just taking one. I would not recommend for sports or quick action photographers, but I am a portrait photographer, so it was not an issue for me.


Overall, I was impressed with my purchase and I do not regret it. The a7 produces amazing image and video quality and is so light it can be taken anywhere with no hassle. It was great to bring everywhere when I was traveling all over Europe last Summer and is perfect when I take portraits back at home. It has a lot of features that just made it easy to use at any moment. Although it quickly drains your battery, I feel like it is worth it even at the price I bought it.

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